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Aribex Nomad Pro Veterinary Dental X-ray w/Case
***Dropship item***

Aribex Nomad Pro Veterinary Dental X-ray w/Case ***Dropship item***

Item#: ANPX
Vendor: Vet X-Ray

Product Description:
Introducing the Aribex Nomad Pro veterinary dental x-ray unit. The Nomad Pro is the most advanced intraoral X-ray system. Its handheld design improves dental radiolography speed, convenience and quality. The Nomad Pro’s leading technology provides the safest and highest quality handheld intraoral x-ray system. System To Include: - Nomad Pro Veterinary Dental X-ray Unit - Nomad Pro Unit Hard Shell Carry Case Aribex Nomad Pro Advanced Features / Benefits: - Lithium Polymer, 22.2V,1.25 Ahr Battery - Source to Skin Distance- 20 cm - Anode Voltage- 60kV true DC - 60mm X-Ray Field - Anode Current--2.5 mA - 1:60 Maximum Duty Cycle - 0.02-1.00 s Exposure Time Range - Total Weight - 2.5kg (5.5 lb.) - .4mm Focal Spot - Inherent Filtration>1.5 mm Al Equivalent - Warranty: 1 Year Product Warranty

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