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Jorvet Blood Collection with Attached Transfer Bag

Jorvet Blood Collection with Attached Transfer Bag

Item#: JOR520X

Product Description:
Considered a closed system, this is useful for separating blood components. Collect blood from a suitable donor in the 450ml bag containing the CPDA#1 anticoagulant via standard blood collection techniques. The blood is separated into plasma and red blood cells portions refrigerated upright either via standing gravity or blood centrifuge. Store the bag with the transfer tube on the bottom since concentrated RBCs are heavier. After separation gently snap the white plastic stopper into half to open the transfer channel which allows concentrated RBC to drain into the attached transfer bag. After completion of transfer the connecting tubing is cut and sealed. Benefits include the ability to freeze the plasma portion for an extended period. Concentrated RBC’s can be given to an anemic patient in a much smaller volume.

Product Details:
NAME: Bag, double blood collection unit w/anticoagulant

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