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Infant Resuscitator Bag w/ Mask

Infant Resuscitator Bag w/ Mask

Item#: AMB544212000
Vendor: Medline

Product Description:
Single-Patient Use Ambu-Bags/ Manual Resuscitators. Allows for a Visual Check of Operation Plus Assured Uniform Compression Rate. Safety and reliability are key with our fully-disposable manual resuscitators. They meet or exceed BS, ISO and ASTM specifications and eliminate the possibility of exposure to contagions due to inadequate sterilization. Utility and functionality are assured over the full range of clinical applications. Textured compression bag with unique support strap (on adult <(>&<)> pediatric versions) provides a sure grip and uniform tidal volumes. Disc-type patient valve features extremely low valve resistance with no measurable leak forward or backward. Lowest inspiratory resistance minimizes the work of breathing, while direct PEEP valve connection minimizes potential for leakage. Infant Ambu-Bag

Product Details:
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