Bandages and Dressings

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Med-Vet International carries a wide variety of bandages. We carry adhesive bandages that help protect wounds that are not serious enough to require a full-size bandage and Elastic bandages or compression bandages that help to support muscle sprains and strains. Adhesive bandages help protect a wound and scab from friction, the wound has less chance of infection, and may minimize the appearance of scars. Two types of adhesive bandages are plastic bandages and fabric bandages. Plastic Adhesive Bandages are ideal for minor cuts while Fabric adhesive bandages are great for areas that bend and move. Food service bandages have a high visibility and long-lasting adhesive. They are metal Detectable that triggers metal detectors used by food packagers. Elastic bandages are great to create local pressure on muscle sprains and strains. They work by reducing blood flow to areas. Elastic bandages are also great for hot and cold compress because they can hold the packs in place.

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