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Medical tapes have many uses, there are self-adhering (cohesive) tapes, foam tapes, paper tapes, and specialty tapes such as kinesiology tapes and sport tapes. They can be used for holding bandages or other dressings in place or to provide support for sprains or injuries. When looking for tape for pets you can use a non-adherent tape or cohesive tape. Cohesive tape when wrapped firmly coheres together and does not inflict damage to the skin or hair.

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Featured Products

Medfix Retention Dressing Tapes, 4
                    " x 11 yds. 1/bx

Medfix Retention Dressing Tapes, 4" x 11 yds. 1/bx

SKU: MSC4004



Elastikon ElasticTape 4
                    " x 2.5 yds 6/bx

Elastikon ElasticTape 4" x 2.5 yds 6/bx

SKU: JJ5177



Elastikon Tape 1
                    " x 2.5 yds 12/bx

Elastikon Tape 1" x 2.5 yds 12/bx

SKU: JJ5172



Oasis Cohesive Tape 2
                    " x 5 Yds, No Choice of Color, 36/Box

Oasis Cohesive Tape 2" x 5 Yds, No Choice of Color, 36/Box




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