Kit, cortical screw cortical screw instrument, 2mm

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2mm Cortical Instrument/Implant Kit

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Kit, cortical screw cortical screw instrument, 2mm
2mm Cortical Instrument/Implant Kit.
  • JOR412a Screwdriver (2.0mm) with sleeve
  • JOR409a Tap. 2.0mm
  • JOR372ax Drill Bit. 1.5mm.
  • JOR372b Drill Bit. 2.0mm.
  • JOR214s Handle for 2.0mm tap.
  • JOR411 Load Neutral Drill Guide
  • JOR414aa Insert Sleeve. 2.0mm O.D./1.5mm I.D.
  • JOR429cs Stainless Steel Case with screw rack.
  • JOR410a Depth Gauge - mini
  • Round holes.
  • (6)JOR402a 6mm
  • (6)JOR402b 8mm
  • (6)JOR402C 10mm
  • (6)JOR403c Bone Plate.
  • 4-hole 23mm L.
  • (6)JOR402b 8mm
  • (6)(6)JOR403e Bone Plate. 5-hole 28mm L.
  • (6)JOR403g Bone Plate. 6-hole 33mm L
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