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Ear Speculum Cleaners, Set of 2 Brushes

SKU: JOR1184D1
VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Any ear examined with an otoscope is going to result in a contaminated ear cone speculum. Wax or sebum tend to cling readily to the ear speculum. This can transfer bacteria, i.e. Psuedomonas, yeast, mites, and other microbes to the next patient. This speculum needs to be cleaned or disinfected between patients.The Wax Eater uses specially designed cleaning brushes in a disinfectant solution to accomplish this job. A Wax Eater should be readily available in every exam room or anywhere an otoscope is used.Weekly cleaning is recommended and suggest attaching a piece of tape with last cleaning date to base of Wax Eater. Brushes should be replaced after showing signs of heavy wear.Warranty: Limited two year warranty against defects in manufacturing or materials from date of purchase, 3 months on brush components.Wax Eater replacement brushes. Brushes are compatible with other brands.
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