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JorVet 4-Ring IV Holder

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories

Limit of 1

This simple system puts a moveable IV bag holder on a track that is suspended from the ceiling. The IV holder can be positioned above cages, treatment area, or the surgery table. When not in use, it is simply retracted upward and pushed off to the side.

  • Track can be installed into any type of ceiling.
  • Lightweight aluminum track comes in any length sections; can be trimmed with hacksaw if needed.
  • Four-wheel carrier runs in track. It is locked into position by turning it 360°. A pendant ring is attached to carrier.
  • IV holder attached to carrier. it has 4 rams horns at 90° angle that can each hold an IV bag.
  • Extends and retracts at the push of a button.
  • Oval sections of track are also available.
  • IV holder for four bags (JOR833h)
  • >Four-wheel carrier with ring (JOR833c)
  • Two end caps for track (JOR833e).
  • Limited supply, no back orders, no returns.
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