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Sterile Adhesive Surgical Drape w/Povidine, 8" x 12", 20/Box

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
The majority of human surgeries use clear adhesive drape over the incision site. The rest of the patient is draped with standard non-woven disposable drape material. The clear adhesive drape offers several advantages:

The film is ultra-thin and highly transparent, which gives clear observation to the surgical field for locating anatomical landmarks.
Impregnated with Povidine iodine giving the drape a slight orange tint. Very effective against most skin pathogens.
Fluid and Pathogen Resistance
Sterile barrier prevents fluids or pathogens right up to the edge of the incisior
Allows the skin to breathe and vapor to pass.
High Elasticity
Follows natural contours for reliable gap-free adherence.
Low Sensitivity
No irritation to skin or wound.Moderate Viscosity
No injury to skin when removing the dressing.

Range of sizes, packaged sterile in sealed pouch.
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