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Ansell Isolation Gown, Heavy Duty, Vinyl, Medium, 56-904, 24/Case

SKU: 56-904-M
VENDOR: Ansell

This is the ultimate isolation gown offering unsurpassed protection. These full-sized, critical coverage gowns are manufactured by Ansell and built to exceed the highest standards

Ansell’s heavy-duty PVC isolation gowns provide a superior barrier of protection between you and liquids or chemicals. Thick 6mil PVC material is puncture resistant to keep you safe in all environments. Heavy duty fabric ties help ensure this gown stays secure all day long without ripping or coming lose. Elastic wrist cuffs will help keep the sleeves secure and in place to provide added protection and allowing freedom of movement. Made with virgin vinyl these non-surgical protection gowns contain no reprocessed materials and come with no exposed elastic or metal parts to cause static or corrosion. Durable material that can be reused many times. Uses Include: Medical, Nurses, Doctors, Exams, Laboratories, Dentist, Care-givers, Pharmacy, Science, Painting, Cooking, Maintenance, Janitorial, Chemical Handling, Food Processing and more. Great for Doctors, Medical Laboratories, Crime Scenes and Forensics, Dentists, Pharmacy, Science Projects at College Campus, Painting and Kitchen use.

Key Product Features
  • Thick 6Mil PVC offering complete protection
  • Resistant to: Abrasions, Fats, Grease, Light Chemicals, Oils, Punctures, and more
  • Waterproof
  • Elastic Wrist Cuffs
  • Fabric Ties
  • Heavy-duty Nylon tie closure
  • Sealed seams
  • No exposed elastic or metal
  • Reusable
  • Multiple sizes available for exact fit
  • Color:Blue

Look no further for the ultimate isolation gown! Its incomparable quality allows for total confidence in its protective ability.

Ansell Isolation Gown Features
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