Blue Prescription Vial, 6 Dram, 600/Case


The Oasis 6 Dram child resistant prescription pill bottle is designed for storing medication. This prescription bottle comes in Amber and has a push down and turn cap making it difficult for children to open, but easy for the elderly. The light resistant vial is child resistant with 5% free easy open snap on caps. This product contains 600/case prescription vials. Height without cap: 6.3cm (2.48") Diameter 2.2cm (0.87").

  • EASY TO USE:These bottles are easy to use and you can safely store your medicine or other small items in them. These prescription pharmacy pill bottles have push and turn caps.
  • PERFECT TO ORGANIZE AND STORE PILLS:These medicine containers are perfect to organize and store pills. The bottles can be used for pharmacies, physicians, labs, hospitals, and vets.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE PLASTIC:These medicine bottles are made of premium quality plastic material. Lightweight yet durable, these vials make the perfect portable container. These dram bottles are made from light resistant, high-quality plastic to ensure contents stay securely inside. They are small enough to fit into your handbag or suitcase making them a travel friendly option. The bottle is designed with a strong cap that stays sealed shut. These vials effectively make sure your pills dont spill during transport.
  • EASY TOP:Each pill bottle comes with easy push and turn caps so you can take your daily vitamins and medication with you on the go. You can even use it to store craft supplies like glitter and beads.
  • MULTIUSES & MULTIPURPOSES:These empty pill bottles are ideal for pharmacies, physicians, labs, hospitals, and vet offices. These pills have many other uses too! You can use as little containers for school supplies, arts-in-crafts, or office supplies. You can keep small items like spices, beads, glitter, or candies in it. Or use it as a pill organizer, and choose a different color for each day of the week.
  • EASY LABELING:These bottles are easy to label. The embossed imprint on the top allows for smooth label application over the top of the bottle.
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