KVP Cervical Pet Collars, 4in. W, 16-20in. Neck Circumference


KVP 4in. cervical pet collar is a comfortable and easy-to-use alternative to the Elizabethan collar. It has a 16in. – 20in. neck circumference. This cervical collar allows your pet to eat, drink, sleep, play, run up stairs and around corners. With this collar your pet's peripheral vision is unimpeded making them calmer and happier. This collar is made of a flexible plastic and is secured by a hook and loop attachment and a wrap around strap and harness.

The Bite Free™ is our maximum comfort, and minimal stress cervical collar made for long-term use. The optional stabilization strap fits behind the front legs, forming a base for additional security.


  • Provides body-only coverage; do not use cervical collars to protect eyes, ears, feet, or lower portion of legs
  • Allows for full peripheral vision
  • Adjustable and comfortable fit for extended use
  • Optional stabilization strap for more active animals
  • Fo
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