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KVP 12g x 4in. Curved Feeding and Dosing Needle, Small Tip, 2/pack


KVP FNC124ST feeding and dosing needles are intelligently designed for surgical precision. They are made of hand crafted polished stainless steel and have a smooth small olive shaped tip. The use for these needles can range from rectal injections to flushing ear canals. This product contains 2, 12g x 4in. needles that are autoclavable and are universally compatible with industry standard luer mounts.

Our Feeding and Dosing Needles are intelligently designed for surgical precision.


  • Handcrafted, polished stainless steel with smooth olive tip
  • Uses range from rectal injections to flushing ear canals
  • Universally compatible with industry standard Luer mount
  • Autoclavable
  • Sold as sets of two

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