Putty, epoxy ESF, 55gm
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Epoxy ESF Putty, Small, 55gm

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Putty, epoxy ESF, 55gm
This putty offers a quick and simple alternative to standard bar and clamp systems. The putty, once mixed, stiffens in five minutes and within one hour is fully cured. The putty comes in a round protective resealable 3/4" dia. tube. The amount required can be clipped off just like cookie dough. It has a pre-measured catalyst that is activated upon kneading or mixing.
  • Features:
  • No liquid and powder mixing required
  • No odor
  • Immediately very moldable to shape
  • Inexpensive compared to clamps/bars
  • Applications:
  • Different size pin placed at varying angles
  • ESF in very small animals (i.e., guinea pig)
  • Fractures of the mandible
  • Protecting sharp ends of cut pins
  • Joining non-standard pins and bars
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