Catheter, extended use poly., 16g x 5 1/4"
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Jorvet Extended Use Polyurethane Catheter, 16g x 5 1/4"

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Catheter, extended use poly., 16g x 5 1/4"
Most traditional jugular catheters are teflon. They can create a thrombosis and crack if left in place for over 48 hours. The development of new materials allows large-bore catheters that can safely be left in-dwelling for up to 10 days. The JorVet Extended Use Catheter softens at body temperature. Many of the common catheter-related problems, such as phlebitis, can be minimized with these catheters.
  • 14g and 16g polyurethane catheter over needle
  • Non-thrombogenic and non-cracking
  • Can be safely left in the vein for up to 10 days
  • This same catheter is used in 24 out of 27 U.S.veterinary teaching hospitals
  • Suture wings with holes or suture groove attachment

  • This product requires a copy of the proper research or medical license to be on file before your order ships.

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