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Gastric Lavage Kit

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
A kit designed for use in common gastric emergency conditions where quick and effective lavage or flushing of the stomach is required, (e.g. gastric dilatation volvulus and acute poisonings).

  • Kit includes 3 large bore
  • Semi-rigid lavage tubes and a stomach irrigation system that connects to any faucet.
  • Kit contains: (3) Semi-rigid polyethylene tubes -- 1" i.d. x 11/4" o.d. 48"L; 7/8" i.d. x 1" o.d. 42"L; 5/8" i.d. x 3/4" o.d. 36"L
  • Dura clamp to prevent backflow
  • Reducing clamp
  • Faucet adaptor
  • PVC tubing 3/8" i.d. x 1/2" o.d. x 100cm
  • Stomach tube with metal X-ray marker
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