Kit, wound irrigation syringe, irrivet
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Irrivet Wound Irrigation Syringe Kit

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Kit, wound irrigation syringe, irrivet
IRRIVET is a unique, spring-loaded, self-refilling system that quickly and easily irrigates contaminated wounds. Simple, one-hand, thumb-controlled pressure provides a forceful 7.6 psi stream directly to the desired area (or a gentler stream if needed). The soft flexible tip has an inside diameter equivalent to an 18-19 gauge needle. The soft, flexible 23/4" tip eliminates needlesticks for the user and minimizes trauma to the patient. Tip length can be trimmed. Concaved Splatter-GardTM prevents contamination from body secretions. The 6' tubing attaches to a standard IV bag.
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