Gel, concentrated energy, for stress, dozen
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Ketogel, dozen

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Gel, concentrated energy, for stress, dozen
Ketogel is a concentrated energy gel packed with vitamins, amino acids, and trace minerals. It is designed to be used to help maintain normal blood glucose (sugar) during periods of stress (i. e. , difficult calving and metritis). This stress period often leads to ketosis (acetonemia). The administration of an oral product often is a follow-up to an intravenous treatment of dextrose or glucocorticoids.
  • Energy Source. Ketogel provides 290 grams of propylene glycol. This is rapidly absorbed directly from the rumen to the liver and converted to glucose.
  • Vitamin A (40,000 Units), Vitamin D (10,000 Units), Vitamin E (100 Units). The ruminant is unable to synthesize these vitamins. There is an increased demand during periods of stress.
  • Niacin (6 Grams) has a role in increasing glucose production and decreasing fat mobilization.
  • Choline (6 Grams) and Methionine (6 Grams) are methyl group donors and have an important role in the regulation of fat deposition in the liver.
  • Cobalt is a precursor of Vitamin B12. This is an important co-factor in glucose production.
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