Gel, concentrated energy, for stress, dozen
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Ketogel, dozen

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Gel, concentrated energy, for stress, dozen
Ketogel™ is a concentrated energy gel packed with vitamins, amino acids, and trace minerals. It is designed to be used to help maintain normal blood glucose (sugar) during periods of stress (i.e., difficult calving and metritis). This stress period often leads to ketosis (acetonemia). The administration of an oral product often is a follow-up to an intravenous treatment of dextrose or glucocorticoids.
  • Energy Source. Ketogel™ provides 290 grams of propylene glycol. This is rapidly absorbed directly from the rumen to the liver and converted to glucose.
  • Vitamin A (40,000 Units), Vitamin D (10,000 Units), Vitamin E (100 Units). The ruminant is unable to synthesize these vitamins. There is an increased demand during periods of stress.
  • Niacin (6 Grams) has a role in increasing glucose production and decreasing fat mobilization.
  • Choline (6 Grams) and Methionine (6 Grams) are methyl group donors and have an important role in the regulation of fat deposition in the liver.
  • Cobalt is a precursor of Vitamin B12. This is an important co-factor in glucose production.
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