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Burton Outpatient II Ceiling MountDrop ship charges may apply

SKU: 224122
VENDOR: Burton
Has all the features of the Outpatient Plus and more. Enhanced illumination plus it's focusable, 7000 foot candles at 24" (40% brighter) Focuses with central, removable, autoclavable SteriHandleTM Uses three 50-watt halogen bulbs, each with 2000 hour life Comes with single ceiling mount. Focusable, flood-type light offers minimal heat output and high color temperature. Cool operation is assured with heat filters and dichotic coatings. It provides a large shadow-free area of 8"-9" that's perfect for ERs, general practice, clinics, dermatology, plastic surgery, birthing rooms and cath labs. True focusability with central, removable, autoclavable, SteriHandle II. Friction knob allows easy positioning of self-balancing arm without the use of tools.

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