Catheter, IV guard, medium
Jorvet Medium IV Catheter Guard
Jorvet Medium IV Catheter Guard
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Jorvet Medium IV Catheter Guard

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Catheter, IV guard, medium
There is nothing more frustrating than working hard to place an IV catheter in a critically ill patient only to have the patient remove it. The IV Catheter Guards are a quick and inexpensive way to detour your patients from chewing or licking on their IV catheters.They are made of a thin lightweight flexible plastic with holes for air circulation. The IV catheter guard is held in place by velcro straps that wrap around the limb. The rough surface of the velcro seems to deter most patients from licking. Straps are reusable, but also inexpensive to replace if damaged. University tested and recommended. Directions for Use: Select the correct size from the four sizes available. Loosen velcro straps. Place IVGuard over the catheter as shown. Wrap velcro straps around the leg and tighten on IV Guard. Soak or gently scrub with disinfectant solution or bleach between uses. Four sizes available!
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