Gas Scavenger System,GasVak scavenging system, multi-station

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Multi-Station GasVak Unit

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Gas Scavenger System,GasVak scavenging system, multi-station
There is an increasing awareness among veterinarians and their staff about the health hazards of breathing waste anesthetic gases. The JorVet GasVak Scavenger system is an active unit that removes waste anesthetic gases at the pop-off valve on all anesthetic machines or from the end of a non-rebreathing system. The waste gas is then vented outside the clinic via a vacuum fan power unit.
  • For facilities with more than one anesthesia location
  • Ceiling outlet or balancing valve at each location
  • Each anesthesia machine has a scavenger interface or atmospheric equalizer mounted on gas machine
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