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Integra Oxygen Concentrator-this item is drop shipped from the manufacturer with additional shipping charges

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Oxygen concentrators separate air into primary components such as oxygen and provide the lowest cost mechanism to do so. The Regalia offers an ideal and innovative system for supplying oxygen to anesthesia machines and for emergency oxygen needs. This concentrator will extract medical grade O2 directly from the air and deliver it to a desired location.
  • The digital flow rate meter delivers 1-7 lpm or 1-10 lpm of continuous O2. If the flow meter rate is set at 1 lpm it will deliver a 95 percent O2 concentration, 5 lpm will deliver 90 percent concentration. Made specifically for the veterinary market.


  • Reliable O2 production with constant delivery pressure
  • Eliminates need for O2 tank
  • Compact, lightweight, yet rugged environmentally tolerant design
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy-to-read digital flow meter
  • Control knobs are large and easily accessible
  • Self cleaning, minimal maintenance
  • Low operating cost, 5 watt power consumption
  • 14.7"W x 26"H x 10.1"D. 54 lbs. (24 Kg)
  • Three year warranty
  • Performance:
  • Flow rate: variable 1/2-7 lpm (JOR744) or 1/2-10 lpm (JOR744a)
  • O2 pressure 5 psi (37.9 Kpa) minimum
  • O2 Concentration 95-92 percent at 0-3 lpm 95-90 percent at 3-5 lpm
  • Designed for anesthesia machines, 2 maximum.Drop Ship Charges May Apply.

  • There are no returns on Dropship Items.

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