Oxyhood, small

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Oxyhood, small, J0652A

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
The challengeof delivering oxygen to an animal in respiratory distressis difficult in most veterinary clinical situations. An oxygencage or an ICU unit is an expense beyond the budget ofmost clinics. The hand held use of anesthesia masks or nasalcannula is stressful to the animal and labor intensive.The Oxy Hood was developed to deliver oxygen in aless restrictive and stressful environment. The Oxy Hooduses the conventional cone shape of an Elizabethan collarand adds a clear plastic "lid" over the end. Numerous vent holesthroughout the cone allows the excess gas to vent. Oxygen is providedto the Oxy Hood via a nasal cannula attached to the hood. The oxygensource uses a bubble humidifier to prevent drying of the respiratorytract.Features:• Collar is sewn to nylon fabric with a drawstring, plus velcro attachmentallows for proper neck sizing• Lid, or face of unit is attached with zipper• Clear plastic material is used throughout for better observation andfor the animal to see clearly• Fou
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