Pin, pearson mid-thread, 1/8"
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Pearson Raised Thread Pins, Mid-Thread Pin. 1/8" shank, 5"L

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Pin, pearson mid-thread, 1/8"
Smooth-shank pins have poor resistance to pull out. Negative-thread pins are weak. Positive or raised thread pins offer strength and good pull-out resistance. The Pearson pin addresses three major problems associated with the use of threaded pins:
  • 1. Threads are proud of the shank, eliminating the point of weakness found at the thread-shank interface of negative-thread pins.
  • 2. Existing self-tapping pins impact bone debris at the bone pin interface, causing necrosis and microfractures. The Pearson pin has a unique flute form that collects bone debris as it is formed, minimizing damage to the bonepin interface.
  • 3. Trocar tipped pins cause thermal necrosis if inserted without pre-drilling. Pre-drilling takes time and causes soft tissue damage. The Pearson pin incorporates a unique drill point designed for minimal "skate" on the bone surface. The pin pre-drills its own pilot hole. The Pearson pin is available in 1/8", 5/32", and 1/4" shanks, with either end-thread or mid-thread.
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