Smoke Remover,Smoke Shark

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Smoke Shark

VENDOR: Jorgensen
Smoke Remover,Smoke Shark
Noxious smoke is generated when using either an electrosurgical unit or surgical laser. At the very least smoke is a nuisance odor, and at worst, an occupational health hazard. The smoke shark is designed to remove smoke and particulate matter generated by electrosurgical generators or lasers at the operative sight. The Smoke Shark unit consists of a smoke evacuation power unit, filter canister, and various tubing attachments. The four stage filter captures particles down to 0. 01µm with over 99. 99 percent efficiency. The filter has an 18-hour shelf life and contains 24 ounces of carbon giving it superior ability to eliminate odors. Tubing (6) connects the filter to the surgery site. A small arm stand holds the tubing close to the surgical site without contaminating the sterile field. Features:
  • Line voltage: 120 VAC ± 10%
  • Line frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • 17. 78 cm (7") W x 29. 85 cm (11. 75") H x 46. 36 cm (18. 25") D
  • Weight: < 6. 5 kg (< 14 lbs. ) w/o filter
  • Complete with:
  • Smoke Shark power unit
  • Long life filter
  • 6' tubing (24/pk)
  • Foot switch
  • Arm stand
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