Sprague-Rappaport Stethoscope, 22 in. Tubing, 32 in. Overall

With a special round body design, this product is intended to be used in identifying high and low heart tones as well as cardiovascular sounds. It's made from imported PVC with high durability and resistance to aging, and the conducting tube features a two-channel design to achieve better conducting performance, enhanced volume and balanced auscultation between two ears.

Each chest piece is equipped with three sound-collecting bells of large, medium and small sizes, which are suitable for auscultation of infants, children and adults as well as fetal heart sound, breath sound, and high and low heart sounds respectively, based on the area of auscultation and range of frequencies to achieve an optimal sensitivity of frequency response. Produced from 62% copper with decorative chrome plating with exceptional surface finish and high durability, the ear piece is designed to be automatically adjustable according to the user/s facial form and angle of auricles to achieve an optimal performan

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