Anes. Machine,Table top base only
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Table top base only

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Anes. Machine,Table top base only
Small Animal Lexus Anesthesia System. Performance for a high standard of care with economy of initial investment. Precise machined fittings for an airtight connection. Powder coat finish is attractive and easy to clean. Protected, enclosed flowmeter with 200cc to 4 lpm setting. Integrated O2 flush valve set at 15 lpm. Soda lime canister is protected by its location under block. Smaller size, 970cc, versus standard 1300cc. Also quick turn knob for each change of exhausted soda lime. Pop-off valve attaches to a standard scavenger unit. Manometer pressure gauge for proper bagging of animal.
  • Includes two anesthesia circuits, universal "F" circuit and non-breathing circuit.
  • Available in mobile and table top models.
  • Will accept most vaporizers.
  • Available with Tech III or Tech IV vaporizer.
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