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Walkabout, medium-large
Jorvet Walkabout Animal Harness, Medium-Large
Jorvet Walkabout Animal Harness, Medium-Large
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Jorvet Walkabout Animal Harness, Medium-Large

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
Walkabout, medium-large

Walkabout, set of 6

Walkabout, set of 6

Vendor: Jorgensen Laboratories

The Jorvet medium to large Walkabout Harness is one of the only options for paralyzed dogs or cats. With their quality of life in mind today's pet owners use the Walkabout Hanress when they want choices to allow their pets to walk again.

The design and construction fo the Walkabout harness provides the balance and support necessary for your pet to lead a ahppier, healthier, and cleaner life. The front harness has a smooth semicircular neckline that allows your pet to breathe comfortably while simultaneously supporting his/her front end.

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