STRIPS, URINE REAGENT vet-10  reagent, 100pk
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Vet-10 Urine Reagent Strips, 100pk

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
STRIPS, URINE REAGENT vet-10 reagent, 100pk
These urine test strips offer two major advantages:
  • Veterinary specific: for urine specific gravity these strips allow values for what veterinary medicine requires
  • Priced at considerable savings over other brands These test strips are a high quality grade product made in the USA. The 10 colors on the strip are configured in the same order as the Ames Multistix-10® to avoid confusion and maintain continuity. The expanded test strip now has the 10th test for leukocytes. 100 test strips per bottle. The strips test for:
  • 1. Nitrite
  • 2. Urobilinogen
  • 3. Protein
  • 4. pH
  • 5. Specific Gravity
  • 6. Ketone
  • 7. Bilirubin
  • 8. Glucose
  • 9. Blood
  • 10. Leukocytes
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