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VetMed Care Bodysuit, Large, Male, J1055DM

VENDOR: Jorgensen Laboratories
This new line of protective body wear has been used extensively by veterinarians throughout Europe. A wide range of applications has evolved literally from head to tail on a whole host of different species. Traditional methods of wound protection such as "E" collars, and adhesive tapes have several known disadvantages. The VetMedCare protective body wear offers a great alternative to wound protection. Body suits are easy to handle and protect sensitive areas from dirt, scratching and licking. Thoughtful design provides front and back leg openings that have special flat and stretch seams which help avoid limb irritations or abrasions. The belly is fully smooth, as the seam is along the back. Anatomical differences require consideration of both male and female designs.

  • Very elastic, stretches in all directions for a comfortable fit
  • Wash and wear material. Easy-to-clean, just hang to dry
  • Can be trimmed to custom size or shap
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