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Shop operating room and exam supplies at Med-Vet International. Browse skin prep supplies like skin markers, surgical scrub brushes and shaving products to prepare patients for surgeries. During surgical procedures, the risk of pathogen transmission can be high if the right supplies are not used. Find OR supplies like suction canisters, and yankauer suction tubes. Yankauer suction tubes are used during procedures to clean away excess fluids, smoke, or debris from the surgical site. The medical waste gets suctioned into a canister. Suction canisters provide a safe way to dispose of medical waste. Fluids and medical waste pose a huge risk in the form of biohazards to people. Shop a wide variety of surgical drapes and operating towels. Sterile surgical drapes are used to keep areas sterile during surgery. Find a variety of sizes and find reusable ones as well as disposable ones. Shop examination supplies like surgilube which is a popular sterile lubrication or other supplies such as ID bands and admission kits.

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Featured Products

AHS Syringe & Needle, 3mL, Luer Slip, 22G X 3/4", Hypodermic, 100/BX, AH03S2219

SKU: AH03S2219

Price: $9.23


Cotton Cast Padding 4"X4 yds 12/Bg


Price: $12.99


Disposable Pet Carriers, Cardboard, 12/case


Price: $59.99


Skin Stapler, Sterile, 35 Wide, 6/Case

SKU: 35WX6

Price: $41.70


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