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Med-Vet International offers a wide variety of prescription vials, medicine bottles, storage containers, and bins. Colored prescription bottles are ideal for packaging and dispensing light-sensitive liquid medication. This is because of their ability to prevent ultra-violet light from damaging or degrading any photosensitive medication, and they let enough light in to see the contents.

Storage choice is just as important to keep medication safe. Store them in a place that is cool, dry, and convenient for you. Unless your bathroom is well ventilated, it is not a good place to store medications in the bathroom because heat and humidity can damage medications. It is extremely important to keep medications hidden and locked away if children are around. Find liquid oval medicine bottles ranging from 2oz up to 12oz and safety child-resistant cap pill bottles here. We even carry dropper bottles as small as 0.5oz.

Medicine cups help to be certain that the proper amount of medication is being taken when used correctly. Shop from a variety of plastic containers and bins that can be used for storing medication. Never use medication that has changed color, texture, or odor, regardless if it has not expired.

Sharps containers are essential for proper disposal of syringes and needles. They are puncture-resistant and help avoid putting others at risk for injury or even the transmittal of certain diseases. From storing medication, to dosing and disposing, find your supplies here!

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