Wound Care

Having the right tools for wound care is mandatory. We provide all necessary tools to treat almost any wound all in one location. Depending on the contamination level of a wound, it may be necessary to clean and prepare the wound with a saline solution such as alcohol prep pads, iodine, or disinfectants. If you are building a wound care kit Instant stitches are a great alternative to sutures. They are easy to use, causes less irritation, and can cause less scarring. Instant stitches are easy to use and are may keep wounds closed for an extended period. The ease of use makes instant stitches a must for any wound care kit.

Once the wound is cleaned and any surgical debridement has taken place, treating the wound is the next priority.  Depending on how deep or how large the wound is, you may require sutures, staples, or medical glue to help close the wound.

Choosing the proper dressing can be a confusing process.  It is important to find the wound dressing to promote optimal wound healing. For burns this may be hydrogel or a silvasorb dressing. We also carry hydrocolloid dressings, foam dressings, film dressings, and alginate dressings, along with woven and non-woven gauze for complete care of any wound treatment.

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