Shop for your X-ray supplies at Med-Vet International. X-ray is a type of diagnostic imaging. It uses radiation to form images by passing through most solid material. Solid tissue makes white images and bones show up even whiter in x-rays. X-rays can be used to examine the body like viewing the skeletal system or to detect health issues like cancer. X-ray imaging provides fast, high-resolution images and is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other imaging. The ionizing radiation used to create images is carcinogenic. One way to lower the risk of cancer is to wear protective gear for areas of the body that will not be examined. Find a huge variety of radiation protection apparel like lead aprons, dental guards, and lead vests. Med-Vet International offers a number of different shields for all body parts. Browse other imaging supplies such as x-ray machines, illuminators, film holders and caddies. Buy X-Ray markers as well!

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