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Med-Vet International offers a wide variety of cups and bowls. Graduated medicine cups help to be certain that the proper amount of medication is being taken when used correctly. These are usually translucent cups suitable for dispensing liquid or dry medication. Paper souffle cups are commonly use for medication distribution as well. They are primarily used for pills. However, they are not limited to just medication. They are also great for serving condiments or sample portions of food! The most common use for sponge bowls is to hold sponges during surgery. It can either be used to carry clean gauze and sponges for surgeons to use or for carrying sponges that are soaked in fluids. These are usually stainless steel for easy cleaning and sterilization. Shop for insulated graduated carafes with straws and even for your pitchers or water sets. You can find regular cups made out of paper, plastic, or Styrofoam as well. Med-Vet also carries a small selection of trays. Browse for your hospital or clinics cup and bowls here at!

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Featured Products

Iodine Cup, 3-7/16" x 2" 6 oz., Autoclavable

SKU: 49-341

Price: $6.80


Disposable Graduated Cold Plastic Drinking Cups, 10 oz, Clear, 1000/Case


Price: $97.40


Carafe 16Oz Clear Sprkly Graduated Straw Ea


Price: $2.36


Plastic Medicine Cups, 1 Oz., 5000/Case

SKU: DYND80000

Price: $55.42


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