Sterilization kills or renders inactive all microbial organisms. Any instrument used for surgery or exams must be sterilized: instruments, catheters, flow probes, or electrodes and fluids used for flushing or injection must be sterilized. Shop now for pouches, steam indicator strips/tape, solutions, brushes, autoclaves and more.

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MedVet Featured Products

Instrument Lubricant Concentrate 1 gallon, Concentrated

Instrument Lubricant Concentrate 1 gallon, Concentrated




Sterilization Pouch, 5.25
                        " x 10
                        ", Self Seal, 200/Box

Sterilization Pouch, 5.25" x 10", Self Seal, 200/Box

SKU: SP-3000



7 1/2
                        " Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches, 200/bx

7 1/2"x13" Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches, 200/bx

SKU: 442103



Cloth Instrument Wraps, 24
                        ", 5/pack

Cloth Instrument Wraps, 24"x24", 5/pack

SKU: W2424X5



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