Gauze & Dressings

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Medical gauze is one of the most commonly used wound care dressings. It is made up cotton, rayon, polyester, or a combination of fibers. Gauze can be used for cleansing, packing, scrubbing, covering, and securing in a variety of wounds. When shopping for medical gauze you have a variety of options to choose from. Woven Gauze has a loose open weave that allows fluids from the wound to be absorbed into the fibers. Woven gauze should not be cut and placed into a wound because loose fibers can get lost in the wound. Non-Woven Gauze is made up of fibers pressed together to resemble a weave. They provide better wicking and greater absorbent capacity. Types of dressings Impregnated Dressings: are coated or saturated with pharmaceutical materials. Wrapping gauze: Is usually used for securement, padding, and protections. Sponges: Gauze sponges are a piece of gauze folded into a square.

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