Carts & Stands

Buy your medical carts and stands here. Make transporting medical supplies easy! Utility carts are designed for transporting general supplies. Find utility carts that can hold hundred of pounds with multiple shelves. Integrated push handles makes it easy to guide carts. They can even assemble without tools. Medical carts are designed to hold medical supplies. These carts are usually equipped with drawers, some even have locks. Locked drawers keep medication and supplies safe.

Code carts, which are also known as crash carts, are designed for supplies used in emergencies. These carts usually have multiple peripheral options. Find carts in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Which ever type of cart you choose, they can be considered one of the most vital components of treating patients by allowing ease of access to medication or other supplies in healthcare facilities. Find stands for medical needs such as mayo stands which are used to hold instruments or workstation stands that allow you to use a PC while standing. Buy your carts and stands here at Med-Vet International!

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