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Look through our selection of laryngoscopy supplies. Laryngoscopy is the endoscopy of the larynx, which is a part of the throat. Tracheal intubation involves the use of a viewing instrument such as a laryngoscope. The modern laryngoscope consists of a handle and a set of interchangeable blades. This device is designed to allow a doctor to directly view the larynx. Find both curved blades and straight blades, as well as disposable and reusable. The Macintosh blade is the most widely used of the curved blades and the Miller blade is most popular of the straight. Browse through full sets or just parts. Both types are available from size 0-4. Med-Vet also carries both standard and fiber optic laryngoscopes. Standard blades have a small bulb near the end of the blade. The handle only contains the batteries. A Fiberoptic handle has the bulb in the handle. The light from the bulb is transmitted through a bundle of glass strands compressed in a metal tube. From fiber optic handles and sets to standards, you can find what you are looking for here at Med-Vet International!

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Featured Products

Laryngoscope Kit (6 blades w/ med.handle)


Price: $372.00


Blade Laryng F/O Milr Metal Disp #1

SKU: MDS0425551

Price: $71.60


Welch Allyn 68696 Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Set

SKU: 68696

Price: $1218.65


Welch Allyn Standard Laryngoscope Blade- MacIntosh- Size 2

SKU: 69042

Price: $162.50


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