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Shop for your large animal and equine supplies. Find tools to help with neutering like emasculators. An emasculator is a tool used in the castration of livestock. They are used to simultaneously crush and cut the spermatic cord. It prevents hemorrhaging while still detaching the testis from the animal. Shop insemination supplies to help with reproduction. Find complete kits or just collection cones for veterinarians to collect semen and inseminate females. Browse other large farm animal supplies like calf feeding supplies. You can find mastitis tests here. Mastitis is the inflammation of the mammary gland and udder tissue and is a major endemic disease of dairy cattle. Mastitis in dairy cows is caused by udder infections, usually resulting from bacteria introduced either during the milking process or from environmental contact. Find aids for removing milk from teats like milk tubes. Browse calf delivery tools such as OB chains. The OB chain is utilized for aiding in the delivery of a fetus. The choice of length depends on how far the fetus has come. If the legs are exposed, a shorted chain can be used but if the fetus is deeper in the birth canal a long one will be needed. Find tattoo ink for cattle identification and bull rings. The Ring is made of metal and designed to be installed through the nasal septum of domestic cattle. Buy your large animal and equine supplies at Med-Vet International!

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