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Buy anesthesia and breathing circuits here. Browse through a variety of circuits and parts. The tubing used in circuits are either corrugated tubing or smooth bore tubing. Corrugated tubing aids in flexibility and prevents kinking and occlusion. An expandable circuit allows for greater flexibility and can be expanded to a desired length or curved into a specific position. Breathing circuits are used to oxygenate patients. Non-Rebreathing circuits are designed to deliver oxygen and anesthetic gases to patients under 10 lbs because they have less resistance to breathing. These circuits do not use a soda lime canister to remove carbon dioxide. The Unilimb circuit is a tube within a tube. It creates a thermal wrap around the inspiratory tube. This aids in heat and moisture retention and therefore speeding patient recovery time. The F circuit fits almost any anesthesia machine designed to deliver rebreathing anesthesia and is considered universal. The ventilator circuit connects to a ventilator. Shop both single and dual limb circuits as well!

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