Absorbable Sutures

Absorbable sutures disintegrate in the body and can be used internally. Absorbable sutures include chromic/plain gut, Monofyl/Monocryl, PDO/PDS, and PGA/Vicryl.

Non-Absorbable Sutures

Non-absorbable sutures must be manually removed. Non-absorbable sutures include nylon, PGA/Vicryl, silk, polyester, and stainless steel.

Suture Types

Monofilament sutures include polypropylene, gut, nylon, stainless steel, etc. These provide a better passage through the tissue resulting in a lower tissue reaction. Multifilament sutures include PGA, polyglactin, silk, and polyester. Multifilament sutures are braided and may be coated with silicone, wax, etc. They provide better knot security over monofilament.

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Featured Products

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