Hospital Beds

Buy your hospital beds and accessories here. Find complete bed sets from manual to electric, and full to bariatric. Manual beds have hand cranks at the foot of the bed. Cranking them raises or lowers bed height, head, and foot of the bed. Manual beds are more economical to purchase since they require no motor or outlet. The cranks can be folded out of the way to conceal them and to prevent injury. Semi electric beds have motors for controlling the head and foot of the bed. The overall bed height is adjusted with a hand-crank. Full electric beds adjust the whole bed with a motor. These type of beds save patient and caregivers the constant strain of bending over.

Browse through hospital mattresses to find what suits your needs. Shop classic inner spring mattresses, alternating pressure mattresses, bariatric mattresses, and foam mattresses. Innerspring mattresses are designed to work with beds where the head and feet can be elevated. Alternating pressure systems have bladders positioned laterally or length-wise that slowly deflate and inflate which keeps the pressure points alternating throughout body. Bariatric mattresses are ideal for obese and overweight people. These are designed significantly stronger to hold more weight. Foam mattresses redistribute pressure and are designed for ultimate comfort. Shop bed parts and see our small selection of cribs and bassinets. Buy your beds and accessories at Med-Vet International!

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3 Panel Privacy Screen, White

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