Wearing exam gloves helps protect you and your patient against diseases, germs, and chemical contact.

Most surgical or exam gloves are made of nitrile, latex, and vinyl. When choosing the right pair, it is important to know which type has the best fit, how resistant they are to tears and chemicals, and the cost.

Latex gloves are made from a natural material, and will sometimes have a higher price over vinyl and nitrile. Even though latex gloves are sometimes more expensive, they are great for wearing for an extended period of time, because they fit like a second skin. They are elastic, strong, and have a high level of touch sensitivity. If you have a patient or are allergic to latex the next best pair to choose from is nitrile gloves, they are made of a synthetic rubber and are great to wear when an allergy is a concern.

Just like latex gloves, nitrile gloves have a high level of touch sensitivity and mold to fit your hands. They are chemical resistant and have a long shelf life. Many professionals prefer nitrile gloves over vinyl and latex.

Vinyl gloves are the most cost-effective and better for wearing for shorter periods of time. They are less elastic and have the lowest puncture and chemical resistant.

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