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Adult briefs and diapers offer many advantages over underpads. They can absorb more moisture, some are made of biodegradable materials, they allow you to have an active lifestyle, and some come with odor control technology. One of the most important things to look at when selecting adult diapers is the size, because if they don't fit, they won't work. Adult diapers come in plastic or breathable, plastic diapers may offer more security and protection but breathable briefs are thinner but more discreet. When shopping for adult diapers it is important to select the type, absorbency level, comfort, and security that works best for you. 

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Featured Products

DryTime Disposable Baby Diapers, SZ 5, 30-38LB, 200/case

SKU: MBD2005

Price: $82.60


Pant Incontinent Premium 45"-70" Xl

SKU: MSC86400

Price: $83.28


Medline Drytime Protective Underwear, Youth, Disposable, Large/X-Large, 48/Case

SKU: MSC23003A

Price: $29.28


MediBrief Mesh Briefs, XXLarge, Purple Waist Band, 2/Bag

SKU: MB15002

Price: $0.75


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