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Shop for sharps containers at Med-Vet International. Sharps is a medical term for devices with sharp points or edges that can puncture or cut skin. Examples of sharps include needles, syringes, lancets, auto injectors, infusion sets , and connection needles/sets. These types of devices need to be properly disposed to help prevent needle sticks, injuries, spread of diseases, and damage to recycling equipment. Sharps containers are made of hard plastic that are meant to be leak-proof as well as puncture resistant. Never recycle the container. Sharps should never be thrown loosely into the trash or toilet. Even Sharps that retract after use, or are very small, should be disposed of like all other sharps. Keep storage containers out of reach of children and animals. Find your states local location drop off site or use mail back programs. Go to for more information about your states regulations. Find your sharps bins as small as 1 quart or as big as 10 gallons here!

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