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Shop surgical masks and respirators at Med-Vet International. Find supplies like the N95 mask. A disposable N95 mask covers the nose and mouth. It protects people from breathing in hazardous substances when fitted properly. This type of mask is great at protecting one from breathing in small particles like dust and mold. It filters out at least 95% of dust and mold in air that is breathed in. Most N95 masks provide the best type of protection. Surgical masks provide barrier protection against droplets from the mouth or nose. Surgical masks are typically used in healthcare facilities such as hospitals. Most surgical masks do not filter like the N95 mask but can protect against large particles in the air. They are designed to primarily protect the patient not the wearer whereas the N95 is more designed to protect the wearer. There are different types of surgical masks. Shop ear loop masks, tie around masks, and wrap around masks. A tie on mask ties on to your head. Ear loop masks are wrap around your ears and wrap around masks are wrapped around your head. Remember that surgical masks do not fully protect you from getting sick. Masks should always be changed when they become wet and should never be reused, washed, or disinfected. Buy your surgical masks and respirators products here!

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