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Med-Vet International offers a comprehensive selection of Prescription vials and medicine bottles. Our amber, blue, and green prescription safety cap vials are offered in a variety of sizes. Excellent for dispensing medication and perfect for light sensitive medication. Each case of vials is sold with 100% safety caps to prevent children from getting into them.

Shop for pill counters, pill cutters, and pill reminder boxes here as well. Pill crushers are devices designed to reduce pills and caplets to a powder form. They are mainly used in healthcare facilities and at home to mix the powder with liquid or soft food. You always want to use a cup or bag with the pill crusher. This prevents cross-contamination of the different pills. Pill cutters are used just for what they sound like. They can be used to save money. Many drugs are priced about the same regardless of the dose. Therefore, a person can order a pill that contains double the dose, cut the pill in half and save up to 50%.

Pill containers, reminders, or box are a special containers for storing scheduled doses of one's medications. They are very useful for the elderly, those who have memory deficiencies, and those taking multiple medications. They are viewed as a way to prevent or reduce medication errors on the part of the patient. Find your prescription pill needs, what ever they are, here!

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