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We carry professional medical products for blood, glucose testing and equipment to analyze samples. When collecting blood samples, it's important to have the proper vacutainers for blood collection.

We provide many sizes and additives for blood collection and specimen and sample collection containers. Once samples are collected, we also provide the proper testing supplies and equipment and a wide selection of stains and pipettes for analyzing those samples.

Testing strips for diabetic glucose testing and urine testing are also available. Once testing is complete, analyzing samples is usually the next task. We have over 80 Microscopes for analyzing sample.

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Featured Products

Feca-Med, Sodium Nitrate Fecal Floatation Medium


Price: $19.13


EvenCare G2 Glucose Meter, Each

SKU: MPH1540

Price: $15.60


Vacuette Serum Blood Collection Tube, No Additive, White, 6ml, 13 x 100, 1200/case

SKU: GRI456085

Price: $263.86


EvenCare G2 Glucose Meter Test Strips, 50/Box


Price: $9.52


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