Shop radiation protection apparel at Med-Vet International. The ionizing radiation used to create images is carcinogenic. The benefits of an accurate diagnosis and treatment can outweigh the risk. However, one way to lower the risk is to wear protective gear for areas of the body that will not be examined.

Radiation protection is defined by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as "The protection of people from harmful effects of exposure to ionizing radiation, and the means for achieving this". Radiation protection is highly recommended for anyone who may be exposed to it. Protective apparel is a necessity for all x-ray radiologists and patients. Some common shields: Thyroid Collars are lead shields that protect the thyroid and neck area; Gonad shields protect the gonadal area; Pregnancy guards are excellent protection for pregnant patients who are requiring x-ray procedures; Hat guards offer protection for the top of the head. Protective aprons are the bedrock of radiation protection. Guarding you from both direct beam and scatter radiation, and they come in multiplet styles!; Pediatric guards are suited for children and even toddlers.

Find many other x-ray shields like dental guards, lead vests, breast guards, leg and arm guards, mittens, wrap arounds, skirts, kilts, full protection guards, and much more!

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